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Introducing the Andbox X Attach Collection


Dillon “Attach” Price has gone just as hard cultivating his brand as he has in honing his Call of Duty skills. This collection merges his grind and identity with Andbox quality.


Attach doesn’t just seek to give his fans apparel with which to celebrate him, he’s creating a movement of like-minded thinkers.

This collection features Attach’s logo prominently as a nod to the community he’s worked to build and as a symbol of their solidarity.

“I wouldn’t put my name or logo on it if it wasn’t made from the best materials in the world”


Collection Highlights

Attach Hooded Sweatshirt Regular price $100
Attach Glitch L/S Tee Regular price $40
Attach Cargo Sweatpant Regular price $80
Blast Hooded Crew Regular price $85